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The Flathead River, raging brown in the spring and a shimmering blue in the summer, is a stone’s throw from these homes. These wooded parcels carry sounds of the rapids and the call of the wild. Similar to a majestic park setting, the River Bend not only has rocky outcrops, sloping terrain and panoramic views of the river and the mountains, it also has river access. Offering communal picnic areas with spectacular views, the River Bend also has hiking trials wound throughout.
In a league of its own, the Salish Island is secluded like no other. Tucked into a forest of mature growth trees, the island home sites boast incomparable river frontage. Enjoy riverside dining, let the sounds of the river splash into your kitchen, sit riverside and catch some summer rays. With the finest outdoor sporting opportunities in the world in your backyard, once you see Salish Island, or any of the home sites at FRR, nothing will ever be good enough again.